Love Love Hill is a loose collective of artists, founded by Wai Au, Dirchansky, and Kim Hoang over a decade ago. The spirit of our work is inspired by doujin 同人, self-publishing, zine, and DIY culture.

We independently self-publish anthologies of comics, short stories, art zines, and minis, all lovingly bound in handmade volumes. Thematically centered around the little whimsical charms in life, we draw and write stories that we like to read ourselves, and we hope our readers will enjoy them equally.

We are mainly based in Canada, but our current and past contributors come from all over the world! We do not do open calls for submissions.

You may find us at in-person shows like TCAF, Canzine, etc. Sometimes our work can be found at The Beguiling, Secret Planet, Fantom Comics, and various zine libraries (OCAD, Seneca, etc.).

If you have questions, please email us at info[at]lovelovehill.com or follow us on social media twitter.com/love_love_hill

While we do sometimes create anthologies together as a collective, we also do independent project work. Please check out the respective artists’ websites below, to follow their work.

Wai Au

Based in Montreal, her heartwarming slice-of-life stories center around people, the mundane yet exciting lives that no matter how terrible things get, there are joy and happiness to be found when people tough it out.

Along with the love of comics, she lends her crafty skills to creating screenprinted, hand-bound volumes of comics and zines to Love Love Hill, in order to make something unique for the audience.

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Based in Toronto, she has an interest in comics of all genres and styles, but tends to create stories with particular attention to subtle character expressions, gestures, and interactions. She is currently most active in drawing her webcomic, Here We Are.

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Kim Hoang

Based in Montreal, she is a comic artist influenced by shoujo manga, with an indie comics twist. Kim’s work has been toured at a variety of festivals and comic conventions, including the Toronto Comics Arts Festival and the Kaigai Manga Festa in Tokyo. Kim illustrates murals with local students with En Masse pour les Masses, and has taught manga classes at the Visual Arts Centre. Kim also experiments in videogames, notably creating Blush or Burn (a competitive 2P dating sim) in Pixelles Incubator 2, and co-creating Mouffe, a game in a tent played with a blanket controller, made as a part of the Critical Hit 2014 incubator. Kim has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University.

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Additional contributors and collaborators

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